Precautions for the use of composite acrylic products a

2022-06-08 13:56

1)Don’t put high -temperature objects directly or long time on the table of modified acrylic solid surface products.

The hot pot or other temperatures that are taken directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven, etc. It may cause damage to the surface of solid surface countertop.
The correct way to use is: Put a heat insulation pad or a pan with a rubber feet on the table, and then place a slightly higher temperature tool on it.


2)You must not cut or chopped bones directly on the composite acrylic countertop

Cutting vegetables directly on the above contact with ironware will damage the surface of the countertop or even cause damage to the table, resulting in cracks.

How to use it correctly: Cut the board on the solid surface countertop before cutting the board, it is best to put a rag or other soft items under the cutting board.

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