The development of Solid Surface and application

2022-06-08 13:56

Since the introduction of solid surface into China in the late 1990s, the industry leader at that time was the brand "Corian" under the DuPont Group of the United States. 

Of course, its status has not been shaken to this day. Nowadays, solid surface has a history of more than 20 years in the Chinese market. 

Now solid surface has already entered thousands of households and is well-known. Whether it is shopping malls or hospitals, high-speed railway stations or airports,
 it seems that solid surface can be seen everywhere. Its use is as small as pencil-sized handicrafts, as large as the interior or exterior walls of buildings or the ceiling of the hall,

from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, it penetrates into people's lives. Various colors, seamless splicing, environmental protection, no penetration, 

and anti-fouling are the reasons why people are scrambling to choose.